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After 25 years the Mapula Embroidery Project that was mainly run by a single volunteer, Janétje van der Merwe, became governed by the discretionary powers of the trustees of the Mapula Embroidery Trust, registered in 2016.


The Mapula Embroidery Trust qualified as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), thus being granted by SARS tax exemption and approval as a Section 18A entity with tax benefits for its donors. The Mapula Embroidery Trust is a registered non-profit organisation, registration number NPO 190-233.

The Mapula Embroidery Trust board consists of 7 trustees who represent different stakeholders and contribute their expertise to fulfill its main objectives which include:

-Support for the community of Mapula embroiderers as they create high quality, sought-after and unique embroidery pieces which tell their stories and capture South African society from their perspectives.

-The securing of a sustainable embroidery enterprise, empowering women of the Winterveld, and providing much needed family income.

-To safeguard this social enterprise the Trust will keep on the lookout for and recruit entrepreneurial women and make sure that they can keep on creating high quality, contextual, beautiful collectors’ items and usable art.

Apart from the trust a board governs day to day production and coordination among Mapula women. 

Mapula Trust


Mapula Embroideries provides work and a reliable supplementary income, a minimum level of financial stability, for the artists of the project. We provide entrepreneurial and empowerment opportunities that change both lives and communities.


Fighting economic injustice and igniting social change through women-centered development and empowerment is at the core of Mapula’s drive. Mapula contributes towards the cultural and artistic economy sector of South Africa. We endeavor to achieve this through nurturing, sustaining and growing its enterprise while at the same time protecting its brand.


This involves maintaining high levels of authentic creativity as well as technical and visual artistry in the unique look and feel of our artworks and products.


Our aim is to support Winterveld and Hammanskraal women to tap into their own capabilities and to participate in economic activity through income generation that allows them to support their families and communities.


Skills acquired by Mapula women are now being passed on to future generations and Mapula Embroideries are beginning to welcome these second-generation youngsters into the Mapula community. 

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Purpose and Mission
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