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  • What materials are used for the Mapula product range?
    The Mapula range is embroidered on black, 100% Edenrose cotton fabric, made in South Africa. The embroidery thread is Elle Crochet no 5, made in South Africa (using imported acrylic raw materials).
  • Are the items from the Mapula product range washable?
    Yes, full washing instructions are included on the Mapula tag attached to each item in the range. Best is to hand-wash in woolite and hang in a shady place as the fabric can fade in the sun. Iron the product upside down (on a towel) with a steam iron. Don’t use a too hot iron as the embroidery thread is synthetic and can melt.
  • Will my Mapula cushion cover shrink if it is washed?
    All items are pre-shrunk but you are advised to follow the washing instructions on the Mapula tag carefully.
  • Would you embroider on different coloured base fabrics?
    Generally, we only work with black fabric. A coloured base fabric may be considered for special commissions only. Please contact for requests.
  • Who are the women that do the embroidery?
    The Mapula Embroideries are a group of 150 women, who have been trained to create these beautiful artworks. The pieces are designed, and hand-embroidered by these talented women. Although some common designs are used for the smaller items, each piece is unique as the embroiderers use their own choice of colour and range of stitches.
  • Where can I purchase the Mapula Range?
    Visit our online store for select items for sale. Alternatively you can visit the ‘Contact Us’ page for a list of retail outlets that stock our Mapula range. To order a custom art cloth, for wholesale inquiries or to purchase directly from Mapula Embroideries, e-mail with your enquiry.
  • Is there a minimum order if I order directly from Mapula Embroiderers?
    Yes. A minimum order of R1000 if you order through the Trust directly.
  • Is there a delivery cost in addition to the quoted price?
    If you purchase through our online store, shipping rates will appear in your cart. For purchases directly from Mapula Embroideries, postage and packaging or courier charges are additional and for the buyers account.
  • Can I commission an embroidered item?
    Mapula Embroideries do accept commissions for their large wall hangings and for large orders, for example for corporate gifting or conference items. Only Commissions of R5000 or more accepted, and within the look and feel of the Mapula Embroideries designs. Contact us at
  • How do we work with commissions, conference organizers and corporate gifting?"
    As all goods are hand-embroidered, enough time (approximately 3 months, depending on the size of the order) must be allowed ahead of the delivery date required. Please contact for quotations and timelines. Delivery charges will be added to the order.
  • How are the women paid for their work?
    The women are paid only on the sale of the items that they have embroidered. The remaining funds go towards the purchase of fabric, threads and the running of Mapula Embroideries. Where possible, administration is carried out on a voluntary basis and very little funds are spent on overheads.
  • Who administers Mapula Embroideries?
    The Mapula Trust administers the finances and most of the marketing of the project and ensures payments are made to the individuals. The members of the Trust receive no payment for their services. A professional bookkeeper draws up financial reports and the annual statements are audited.
  • How do I make a donation to the project?
    On the Mapula website is a 'Donate Now' button that will take you to our PayPal account through which donors can make a once-off or monthly donation. If more information is needed, please contact to make a donation to the project. As a non-profit, Mapula Embroideries are tax exempt and have been granted Section 18A tax relief for its donors.
  • What happens with donated money?
    The Trust and the Mapula Board will discuss the application of donations.
  • What are some of the needs the Trust is facing
    Some of the needs for funding includes: Special projects such as the 2020 Commemorative Project could only have been done with the support of donations. Transport for women in the project that need to get medication on a monthly basis from the clinic or the local hospital. School uniforms for the orphans of Mapula Embroideries mothers. Christmas food parcels for the embroiderers and their families. Training such as sewing classes, computer classes and accounting. Raw material purchases for production. Machine maintenance and operator training.
  • Can I visit the project in the Winterveld?
    Yes, but only if you are part of a textile oriented tour group. Please contact for details.
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